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"...time and space are modes by which we think and not conditions in which we live."
Albert Einstein, as quoted by A. Forsee in: Albert Einstein, Theoretical Physicist (Mcmillan, 1963)

Space-time, Special Relativity, General Relativity, Gravity, String Theory
Relativity on the World Wide Web
Lorentz and CPT violation
Testing models for quantum gravity (CERN Courier)
James G. Gilson's Fine Structure Constant Site -- A wealth of science links
A New Limit on the Overall Validity of Special Relativity
Quantum Gravitational States
The Nature of Space and Time (Hawking and Penrose)
The Cosmological Constant (excellent review article about vacuum energy, cosmological constant, dark matter, etc.)
The Speed of Light - A Limit on Principle?
The Official String Theory Web Site
Spacetime wrinkles homepage
Quantum Gravity (Cambridge University)
Gravity Measurements (Univ. of Washington Scientists Announce Best Measurement of G)
Latitude and longitude dependence of G (New Scientist)  [Mbelek & Lachièze-Rey article]
Short Range Tests of Newton's Inverse Square Law
Repelling Gravitational Force at Cosmological Scale ("The scientific breakthrough of 1999" according to Science)
What is spacetime? (popular, CalTech)

Time Travel, Worm Holes & Warp Drives
Timetravel for Beginners
The End of the Time Machine - Article by Serguei Krasnikov (formerly @ Starlab Brussels) also see: The Time Travel Paradox
The Krasnikov Tube: A Subway to the Stars (John G. Cramer)
Cologne-Bielefeld Workshops on "Superluminal(?) Velocities": Tunneling time, barrier penetration, non-trivial vacua, philosophy of physics
Retrocausality (a bibliography by Klaus Scharff)

An Introduction to Zero-Point Energy
The Universe in a Glass of Beer (about the Cosmological Constant)
Exploiting Zero-Point Energy (Scientific American)

Quantum Information
"Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it."  -  Niels Bohr
A Quantum Computer has factored the Number 15 (Dec. 2001)
Fundamentals of Quantum Information (Physics Web)
The Physics of Quantum Information European Research Network
Quantum Teleportation (ABC NEWS)   also see the Caltech site
Quantum Teleportation @ IBM
Report on Quantum Computing @ Starlab
Quantum Computers
Centre for Quantum Computation
Quantum Computing with Molecules (Scientific American, 1998)
David Deutsch 1985 article: Quantum theory, the Church-Turing principle and the universal quantum computer
Translation of Schroedingers "Cat Paradox" paper"
Teleporting large objects becomes real possiblity (New Scientist, Feb. 2002)
Classical and Quantum Information Theory (Tony Smith's site)

A couple of the above links come from the StarlabClick to go to the Starlab Quantum Information Links

Quantum Consciousness
Quantum Mind 2003  --  March 15-19, 2003, Univ. of Arizona
Stuart Hameroff website
Quantum Consciousness by Tony Smith
Quantum Models of Consciousness by Dick Bierman

Classical Information Theory, Entropy, Thermodynamics
A Short Course in Information Theory
Entropy on the World Wide Web
IEEE Information Theory Society: Review Articles
The Second Law of Thermodynamics

Eric Weinstein's World of Physics
Water structure and behaviour (e.g., the 41 anomalies of water and their explanations)
The Greatest Unsolved Problems in Science (Jupiter Science)
Fundamental Constants (Physics Today)
Ball Lightning Page
Does Galvani current exist?Article by V.E. Zhvirblis
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