Starlab NV/SA was a privately funded, Blue Sky research institute in Brussels, Belgium. At the time of the bankruptcy (June 12, 2001), there worked about 100 people, from which 70 scientists and engineers. The range of research areas was very broad: intelligent clothing, stemcell research, emotics, transarchitecture, robotics, theoretical physics (e.g., the possibilities of time-travel), quantum consciousness, quantum computation, art, artificial brain building, new media, biophysics, materials science, protein folding and nano-electronics, to mention a couple [ all falling within the acronym "BANG" - Bit, Atoms, Neurons, Genes.  Recently this combination was recognized at MIT]. Also see the Seminar list. Blue Sky Research, Multi-disciplinarity, Deep Future, "Revenge of the Nerds", Creating Wealth, Serendipity and "In this place 100 years means nothing" were some of the mottos.

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Starlab Archive  

Archive of Starlab Research Laboratories, Brussels (1997-2001)

Chris P. Duif

    "Having now visited quite a number of labs in Europe, I can say that when Starlab closed we were very far ahead of many other European and US labs - in vision, culture, research, and outlook. Starlab was indeed one of a kind."

    Richard Wheeler, October 2001, Research Scientist at Starlab NV/SA

Discovery documentary about Starlab

Discovery documentary about Starlab (.mov, 16 MB)
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